Team Environment

Parker Collins Commitment to Feminist, Multicultural, BIPOC Inclusivity

Parker Collins stands in support of communities that have been marginalized and social justice. We aim to foster a healthy culture that is of supportive and respectful environment for all staff, colleagues, and clients that we work with and on behalf of. All members of the community will be welcomed, seen, respected, and treated with dignity.

At Parker Collins we work to develop respectful and equitable culture through ongoing trainings focused on addressing disparities in privileges to increase equity and increasing awareness of our own privileges. Part of this work includes decentering White, cisgender, heteronormative identity as the norm.

Parker Collins Professional Growth and Clinical Trainings

Parker Collins offers on-going training for students and staff developed from evidenced based assessment and treatment models, including:

  • Psychological Assessment and Treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders
  • Advanced Trauma Informed Diagnostic Assessment for Mental Health
  • General mental health practice (billing, ethics, progress notes, treatment planning, and more)
  • Attachment based child and parenting therapy
  • Competency based assessment and treatment planning
  • Consultation for AIR Network and EMDR therapy services
  • Consultation for trauma designed psychological evaluations
  • Culturally mindful services

Parker Collins Internal Culture and Team Environment

Common feedback from practicum students…

“A unique and valuable aspect of the experience is the availability and encouragement of consultation.”

“My experience at Parker Collins has pushed me to refine my skills and apply them within a trauma-focused framework.”

“Overall, it's been a tremendous learning experience that I would recommend to students who have an interest in gaining experience in: more in-depth, long-term therapy; person-centered psychological assessment; working within a social justice-focused organization; and a truly collaborative approach.”

“Training at Parker Collins was intense, in-depth and I grew…”

Parker Collins strives to offer trainings that are research based, comprehensive, and designed to develop specific competencies for trauma designed psychological evaluations, treatment planning, and provision of treatment services for clients presenting with complex trauma symptoms and histories.

Common feedback from clinicians…

“Working for Parker Collins, I feel supported, encouraged, and challenged by my supervisors and colleagues to continue my professional development as a clinician. The work culture is reflective of our values and our determination for social justice. As clinicians we are invested in and we invest in each other. We share educational trainings, alternative perspectives, and hold space for one another to create an authentic and supportive work environment.”

“I experience Parker Collins as a place of lived values within the framework of feminist worldview, non-shaming atmosphere, empowerment, and support. I feel absolutely comfortable to share desires, concerns, and joys with the whole team, and that individual gifting and strengths are reinforced as a primary organizational strength, rather than conformity or dominance. I have grown so much through the embodied promotion of ethical action, transparent communication, and trust in the vision and integrity of each individual practitioner. I feel supported through the knowing that ideal growth and healing come from sources of support and kindness with accountability. And that if something isn't working well, we can change it.”

“I love working at Parker Collins…”


Parker Collins leadership is intentional with their efforts to create a professional, inclusive, and supportive environment for students and staff. Students and staff are encouraged to explore their clinical interests with the support of supervisors.

Our mission is to help individuals and families gain freedom from self-limiting ideas, traumatic emotional pain, or self-destructive behaviors through the delivery of evidence based responsible, respectful, and compassionate psychological services. Students and staff are provided the training and support to safely deliver services to our clients. Staff focused consultation, support for healthy professional communication, commitment to ethics, and commitment to inclusivity are all part of the culture at Parker Collins.