Training and Careers

Parker Collins staff and students provide high quality mental health services to a diverse community in a way that can make a difference, helping individuals and families struggling with mental health challenges to make positive change and work through their healing process. Our professional work environment is collaborative, healthy, supportive, fun and cool, and offers a wide variety of advanced training that enables staff and students to develop toward their professional goals. Our staff is provided the support they need to provide quality services and to grow.

Parker Collins offers professional training and consultation for mental health clinicians who want to develop their competencies for assessment and treatment of complex trauma. Parker Collins also has a number of staff positions open for pre-degree and early career professionals.

Professional Training

Assessment of Trauma and Dissociative Spectrum Disorders Course

In this two-day course you will learn advanced methods for assessing and diagnosing complex trauma and dissociative spectrum disorders. This course is designed for all licensures, with the second day covering topics for psychologists. With this course you will develop a competency for safe and accurate assessment of trauma. Hands on practice will be provided for interpretation of the Trauma Symptoms Inventory, 2nd ed (TSI-2) and Multidimensional Inventory of Dissociation (MID); two very informative and usable assessment instruments for all clinicians. Please sign up here for the Assessment of Trauma and Dissociative Spectrum Disorders course.

Consultation for Trauma Assessments (TSI-2, MID, MMPI-2, and more)

Parker Collins offers a monthly two-hour consultation group for supporting clinicians who have been trained in using the TSI-2, MID, and other advanced assessment for complex trauma diagnostic evaluations. This group provides support for clinicians to develop their competencies for specific assessment instruments and the more general domain of trauma designed assessment of complex trauma and dissociative disorders. Parker Collins will offer a certification of advanced trauma assessment competency for clinicians completing 12 consultation sessions. Max 10 per group, $75, please sign up here for our Trauma Assessment Consultation Group.

Staff Positions

Parker Collins offers a variety of positions at our two clinic locations in Vadnais Heights and Maple Grove. Learn more about our team environment here and click on specific position offerings below.

Predoctoral Advanced Practicum

Staff Therapist

Postdoctoral Fellowship for Assessment and Treatment of Complex Trauma

Parker Collins Commitment to Feminist, Multicultural, BIPOC Inclusivity

Parker Collins stands in support of communities that have been marginalized and social justice.  We aim to foster a culture of supportive and respectful environment for all staff, colleagues, and clients that we work with and on behalf of. All members of the community will be welcomed, seen, respected, and treated with dignity.

At Parker Collins we work to develop respectful and equitable culture through ongoing trainings focused on addressing disparities in privileges to increase equity and increasing awareness of our own privileges. Part of this work includes decentering White, cisgender, heteronormative identity as the norm.

Parker Collins Professional Growth and Clinical Trainings

Parker Collins offers on-going training for students and staff developed from evidenced based assessment and treatment models, including:

  • Psychological Assessment and Treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders
  • Advanced Trauma Designed Diagnostic Assessment for Mental Health
  • General mental health practice (billing, ethics, progress notes, treatment planning, and more)
  • Attachment based child and parenting therapy
  • Competency based assessment and treatment planning
  • Consultation for AIR Network and EMDR therapy services
  • Consultation for trauma designed psychological evaluations
  • Culturally mindful services