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Parker Collins is a community based mental health clinic focused on children, adolescents, and families. We are a trauma specialized group dedicated to providing individual, couple’s, family, and parenting support, utilizing a respectful, straight forward, and culturally sensitive approach.

Hiring Outpatient Therapist

Parker Collins has an opening for a Mental Health Professional in Maple Grove as well as for those who are seeking virtual only caseload. Please click here for details.


Openings for in-person and virtual DBT groups! 

Contact us at 651-604-7771 or email us at [email protected]

DBT/AIR Network Program

Parker Collins has current openings for our Adult DBT/AIR Network Program. You may refer yourself to the program or your current Therapist can complete the referral form found on this website.


  1. What is DBT?
    • DBT stands for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which was founded by psychologist Marsha Linehan. DBT teaches emotion regulation skills, interpersonal communication skills, distress tolerance, and mindfulness skills.
  2. What does the DBT program entail?
    • For adults, it’s a 1-year commitment to participating in 2.5 hours of group therapy once a week and 1 hour of individual therapy with your DBT therapist. Groups are comprised of 8-10 individuals. You’ll need to purchase the DBT manual, or a digital copy can be provided. You’ll utilize the worksheets which include diary cards, and you’ll learn skills to practice between sessions.
  3. How would I benefit from participating in DBT program?
    • You will learn skills to work through difficult emotions, improve relationships, have longer periods of stability, reduce risk of rehospitalizations or incarceration, improve your ability to be in your wise mind.
  4. How do I qualify for DBT program?
    • You can refer yourself to the program or your therapist can complete the external referral form. Once our admins have received the referral form, they will contact you to schedule with one of our DBT therapists. That therapist will complete a Diagnostic Assessment with you, as well as other assessments Department of Human Services requires for DBT adherent program. Prior authorizations are dependent on an individual’s insurance coverage.
  5. How is DBT at Parker Collins different than other DBT programs?
    • All our Therapists are trained or certified in AIR (adaptive internal relational) Network Model DBT program at Parker Collins is trauma informed care. Therapists are prepared to help those with complex trauma and dissociative abilities to be in their most resourced self as they learn skills to enhance their lives.
  6. What are the current days/times that DBT group is offered?
    • Wednesday 11 AM-1:30 PM (Adults in office), and Thursdays 11 AM-1:30 PM (Adults virtual). Other days, times, and specialty groups will be added as the need and Therapist availability arises.
  7. What if I’m interested in DBT but Parker Collins doesn’t currently offer a group that fits my availability or my needs?
    • Please add your name and contact info to our waitlist. We need a minimum of 8 participants to start a group. Once we have gained enough interested participants to start a group, you’ll be contacted. We aim to have groups that meet your needs. Therefore, if you’re interested in group for BIPOCs only or Trans folkx only, we want to honor those needs.
  8. Please note: If you have state funded insurance, such as Medicaid or PMAP plans, you would not be able to continue seeing your outpatient therapist. Most commercial/employer funded insurance won’t pay for outpatient therapy once a client is in DBT program but some commercial plans do make exception. Please check with your insurance for covered benefits. Out of State insurances will not be accepted for DBT due to most out of State insurances consider 9 hours a week to qualify as DBT Intensive Outpatient Program, which our program is not. We do not take Cigna as an insurance for this program because their system does not recognize it unless its from a hospital setting.

How Does Telehealth Work for Mental Health Care?

Soo Moon, MA, LMFT discusses the benefits of telehealth during social distancing  in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's article How Does Telehealth Work for Mental Health Care? Click the button below to read more. 

Parker Collins Anti-Racism Statement

The Parker Collins team joins others in our community in standing up and speaking out against systemic racism in our state and the United States at large. We stand in solidarity with the communities affected by the hate, discrimination, and violence committed by White supremacists and institutions including local law enforcement. Our hearts continue to go out to the family, friends, and communities of individuals whose lives were taken due to racism and excessive force by police officers, including those of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

It is our stance that change must take place for oppressed communities to have justice, and that the pace of change must be accelerated. Words are not enough; action is required at all levels—individual, systemic, and institutional. These actions include police reform, banning of choke holds, recognition of systems of injustice and the present and historical trauma experienced by people of color, accountability taking by those with privilege and power, and racial healing. We believe it is primarily the responsibility of the White community to act against racism and oppression, starting with the recognition and understanding of White privilege.

Parker Collins believes in racial equality. We will continue to challenge systematic racism and the oppression of people of color. We believe protest is not only a right, but a necessity. We acknowledge the trauma, pain, anger, and frustration of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) as well as immigrant communities. Silence and complacency are not options. It is important for us to continue to state, unequivocally, that Black Lives Matter. We also acknowledge that the increase in violence and xenophobia against Asian Americans must stop. We want to see change towards equality and justice for all community members. Nothing good comes from oppression, and there is no room for healing without equality, accountability, basic human rights, and love.

How can you help?

As our clients, staff, and communities of color continue to mourn the murders of BIPOC and face the effects of racism on a daily basis, questions of what each of us can do abound. Below is a link to anti-racism resources for White people that you can read, pass on, and discuss in our communities. Much respect and credit for creating this resource is given to Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein, May 2020.

Helping Children, Families, and Individuals Heal From Trauma in Minnesota

Parker Collins is a community-based mental health clinic focused on children, adolescents, and families. We are a trauma specialized group dedicated to providing individual, couple’s, family, and parenting support, utilizing a respectful, straightforward, and culturally sensitive approach.

We are determined to provide evidence-based services and good communication. We seek to maintain the highest amount of dignity, respect, and privacy possible. We place a high value on developing supportive professional relationships with our clients, the schools they attend, the doctors that refer to us, and our client's families.

We strive to provide highly responsive customer service to referring providers, individuals, and organizations concerned with our client's care. We wish to provide an environment for staff, clients, and other professionals that is enjoyable to work in, stylistic, and free of discrimination, harassment, and social injustice.

Racialized Trauma and Healing By Soo Moon, MA LMFT

An article for people who are wanting to know how they might be able to unpack historical, collective, and personal trauma that stems from racism.

Hope by Michael Stout, MA

Where do we find hope while wrapped in a murky fog of unrest and distrust? Here's an article for finding hope in what seems to be a hopeless time.

Our Mission

Our Mission Is to Help Individuals and Families Gain Freedom From Self-limiting Ideas, Traumatic Emotional Pain, or Self-destructive Behaviors Through the Delivery of Evidence-based, Responsible, Respectful, and Compassionate Psychological Services.